Asphalt Shingle Cleaning

Professional Non Pressure Soft Washing of Asphalt Shingles in Dayton, OH, Cincinnati OH and all surrounding areas of Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky. Call us today for a free estimate and appraisal for all of your Asphalt Shingled Roof Cleaning requirements.

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Shingle Roof Cleaning in Dayton Ohio

Why You Shouldn’t Power Wash Shingled Roofs

Shingles contain small limestone particles which can easily be dislodged by high pressure water cleaning machinery. These limestone particles constitute what your shingled roof is made of and once these particles are dislodged, your roofing material will have been compromised. These limestone particles also reflect the suns UV rays during the summer or hottest parts of the year, whilst helping to retain heat within you home or building during the winter or cooler periods of the year. Therefore without these particles, you can expect higher energy bills, due to your air conditioning having to work harder to keep your home at an adequate temperature.

Power Washing a shingled roof is also highly ineffective at killing the microscopic organisms that are growing in the pores of your Asphalt Shingled roof.Organisms such as black and green algae, lichen and moss thrive on Asphalt Shingle Roofs in Ohio and Pressure Washing or Power Washing can remove most but will not kill them off completely, therefore it will be only a matter of time before they grow and multiply and return to widespread coverage of your Asphalt Shingled Roof.

Why You Should Clean Your Asphalt Shingles

Aside from the cosmetic improvement that Roof Cleaning offers, there is another very important reason to regularly clean your roof if you live in an area which is highly susceptible to algae, moss and other micro-organism growth. These micro-organisms feed off the limestone particles found in your shingled roof, effective eating away at your number 1 asset or investment, your home! These will lead to premature weaken of your roof and premature failure, meaning you will be up for the cost of a brand new roof years even decades before you should be.

A properly maintained roof can last double, even triple the time a neglected roof will last, and a new roof is a major expense that you will want to avoid and can easily do for the price of an affordable clean!

Call us today to schedule a free appraisal and estimate for asphalt shingle roof cleaning services. It is more affordable than you may think.