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Looking for professional Low pressure Soft Wash Roof Cleaning in Dayton or surrounds? Don’t call anybody to clean your roof until you speak to su! We provide expert Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Services throughout Dayton OH, Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky. We specialize in cleaning and restoring Asphalt Shingles, Roof Tiles, Cedar Shakes, Metal Roofing and all other roofing materials. Call us today for a free estimate and appraisal.

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Roof Cleaning in Dayton Ohio

Dayton & Southern Ohio & Northern Kentucky’s Premier Roof Cleaning Services Company. We guaranteed to clean and restore your roof whilst preserving it for many years to come, by avoiding potentially damaging High Pressure Water Cleaning or Power Washing methods.

Why Clean Your Roof?

A clean and well maintained roof can last years even decades longer than a neglected roof in poor condition. Algae and other micro-organisms such as moss and lichen, thrive on a roofs throughout Ohio and Kentucky and the rest of the United States. They can weaken your roofing material and lead to prematurely failure of your roof and replacement being needed many years before it would need to be, had it been properly maintained.

Many home owners will replace their roof long before its due thinking that is has passed its use by date. Often all that is required is a deep level clean done by a professional roof cleaning services company.

Insurers Cancelling Policies For Having a Dirty Roof

Algae feeds on the limestone filler in asphalt shingles and can weaken shingles over the years. Micro-organisms can trapped moisture in your roof and weaken your shingles or cedar shakes. Roof tiles and metal roofing can fade and discolor over time due to these unsightly unwanted guests.

Cleaning your roof can transform the look of your home or property and dramatically increases its value and appeal. It is also extremely cost effective, especially when you consider the increased life span benefits a clean roof can provide.

The Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Method

We use the Soft Wash method of Roof Cleaning as recommended by the leading roofing manufacturers in America such as GAF and also recommended by the leading Pressure Washing Associations such as PWRA. We service Dayton OH and all surrounding areas of Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

Soft Washing involves the use of environmentally friendly, non hazardous and non toxic cleaning agents to kill off algae, moss, lichen and other micro-organisms deeply embedded in the pores of your roof, whilst eliminating the need for potentially damaging Power Washing or Excessively High Pressure Water Cleaning.

Roof Soft Washing in Ohio & Kentucky

We live in an environment where algae thrives. When compared with the rest of the United States, Ohio and Kentucky have the worst incidence of algae growth rates. This is not good news if you are interested in prolonging the lifespan of your roof. However there is something you can do. Call us today!

algae map

Map of Algae Growth Rates